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telling-the-next-generationOur children are not the church of tomorrow…our children are the church of today.

We must be faithful to remind them of the promises of God lest they forget. Throughout the ages, God’s people have used the stacking of stones as a testimony and a witness, these stacks of stones serve as a memorial to the place where God meets us. Stacking of stones represents a place of covenant, encounter, forgiveness, worship and intercession. The stacking of stones should be a powerful reminder of the mighty deeds of God and a witness to those who follow.

When God’s people passed over the stopped up River Jordan and entered the Promised Land they stacked up 12 stones as an altar and a sign. They created an opportunity so that when the next generation asked what the stacked stones meant they would tell them of the mighty deeds of God and the faithfulness of his promises.

Yet that generation, who saw first-hand the power and provision of Almighty God, failed the next generation by not passing on the heritage of faith. A sobering verse in Judges tells that after this generation there arose a generation that did not know God. What a sad commentary on a people that failed in its duty to equip the next generation.

We should take that warning to heart. Our young people are growing up in the most spiritually challenging environment in the history of America.

7 out of 10 young people who grow up in the church will abandon their faith by age 23. Of those who still profess faith in college, less than ½ of 1 percent have a biblical worldview.

At Village Seven, we believe that strong child and youth discipleship is critical to addressing the problem we see in the culture around us. Our mission is to make, equip and deploy disciples of adults, youth and children. But the facilities no longer effectively facilitate that mission.

Our current facilities are overcrowded. Our existing children’s ministry area is a confusing maze, where it’s difficult to find one’s way and very intimidating for new families. Restrooms are small and cramped. The building is dark, dingy, and outdated. Heating and cooling our space is expensive and inefficient. Our campus has many unsecured entrances and exits. These barriers are real and create obstacles for existing families and visitors.

The building expansion was the result of 18 months of hard work by a dedicated team of experts evaluating many options followed by a public fundraising campaign. The plan was updated to stay within our budget. Meeting the greatest number of needs at the most effective price point has led us to the current floor plan and construction is complete.

Our Role
During this campaign we’re asking you to do three things:

  1. Pray for the mission of our church, that we would be effective at making, equipping and deploying disciples.
  2. Evaluate how you might be engaged in the mission by serving with your time and talent.
  3. Consider how God might enable you to financially participate in this campaign.

At Village Seven Presbyterian Church we have been the beneficiaries of a tremendous legacy of faith. In 1972, Bill Leonard and a small group of about forty families planted a new church on what was then the eastern edge of Colorado Springs. And, while those who came before us at Village Seven may not have seen the River Jordan stopped up or the town of Jericho demolished, they did see a neighborhood congregation established and they did witness the power and provision of Almighty God.

The story of the past of Village Seven is a story of loving people, building community, reaching the lost and preaching the Gospel of grace. And the impact of this church in the last 40 years is absolutely incredible.

What will be our story? For now, it is our turn. Will we continue the legacy and will we equip the next generation? Will they look at the stones we stack and remember the promises of God? Will we be a faithful witness, passing the baton of faith to those who follow? The stones have been partially stacked by those who came before us. Will we rise to the challenge to carry on their faithful work?